Bossing Images
The Power of Images, Queer Art, and Politics

event series began in 2012
The relationship between images and their audiences is often a little bit bossy. Subjects boss images around to serve their ideological goals. Images boss subjects around, for instance by suggesting they conform to heteronormative ideals. The same can be said about the production process: In cultural practices and art making, producers co-opt images, but images may also capture the producer and make them subject themselves. Through mutual desire, images and subjects engage in illicit transgressions of their hierarchized relationships.

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Bossing Images meets The Little Book of Big Visions

Double book release – live Action, Spoken Word & Visual Art

January 18, 2013, 9pm Südblock, Berlin-Kreuzberg.

With Philipp Khabo Koepsell, Philip Metz, Sandra Ortmann, Sandrine Micossé-Aikins, Sharon Dodua Otoo, Renate Lorenz, Simon Vincent, Antke Engel et al.

After Party with lisalotta.p (HipHop, Pop, Queerbeet) & diva banni (jumpin’jumpin’)

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Gaga Feminism:
Rethinking Queer Anarchy

Jack Halberstam
lecture and discussion, Silverfuture, Berlin, 27. January 2013
Jack Halberstam, creator of ‘gaga feminism’, talks about the gagafeminist harbinger of change, which is radically transforming our understanding of kinship, gender, and sexuality. Jack and Jana Günther discuss how to accelerate this change through becoming “gaga“ ourselves, and the connections to anarchism that are involved.

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Intimate Procedures

Bossing Images 5
June 19, 2013, Iaspis, Stockholm
Intimate Procedures stages an encounter between Tejal Shah’s video Between the Waves and guests Wu Tsang and Andrea Thal. In this single-channel presentation of Shah’s larger 5-channel video installation, unicorn-like figures wander around in small groups performing sets of cryptic operations.

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