Politics of Unthinkable Desire:
On Love, Jealousy, and the Telephone

Jelisaveta Blagojević
Tue 28 April 2015, ICI Berlin
desire’s multiplicity and serendipity 5

In this talk, Blagojević used the notions of love and jealousy to point out how the Western, self-possessive, self-reflexive, and self-affective subject has constructed itself. The talk also dealt with Jean-Luc Nancy’s concept of singular being to propose a sexually differentiated yet non-oppositional concept of “woman” – which might still serve as another name for the multiplicity of sexes that corresponds to the multiplicity of desires.

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Perversion and Love in Postwar Psychoanalysis, or:
Why We Should Reread Robert Stoller

Dagmar Herzog
Wednesday, March 11, 2015, ICI Berlin
desire’s multiplicity and serendipity 4

This talk considered the peculiarities of psychoanalysts’ responses to the sexual revolution of the 1960s-1970s. Topics covered included the highly ideological (mis)uses of the ideal and dream of love in marginalizing non-traditional sexualities as well as the strategies ultimately used by anti-homophobic psychoanalysts to challenge the dominant norms, with particular attention to the late Robert Stoller’s innovative ideas about sexual excitement.

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desire Conserves desire Transgresses desire:
Round Table on the Paradoxical Politics of Desire

A. Engel, J.J. Govrin, C. Holzhey
Wed February 04, 2015, ICI Berlin
desire’s multiplicity and serendipity 3

Starting their conversation with different understandings of serendipity and of the politics of desire in psychic, social, and structural registers, the organizers of the lecture series wish to engage in a discussion with the public: What are the potentials of happenstance and erring when trying to leave the dis/comfort zone of identity and normative forms of intimacy and sexuality?

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