Desiring Just Economies / Just Economies of Desire

International Conference.

June 24-26, 2010, Berlin.

The conference seeks to explore how desire not only sustains current economies, but also carries the potential for inciting new forms of understanding and doing economy. We propose to focus on the notion of desire as a tool to explore economy’s sexual dimension as much as the economic dimension of sexuality.

Presuming that desire can be envisioned beyond heteronormative restrictions and that this bears on the idea of justice, the question arises whether the pursuit of economic and sexual justice can be made to coincide when economy is queered by desire. The conference’s twin interest lies in unpacking how sexuality is implicit in economic processes and in unfolding how economy is linked to sexuality. How do current global economic processes (including production, re-production, consumption, circulation, speculation) constitute specific sexual identities and practices that collaborate in relations of exploitation, domination, and subjectivation? Conversely, how do ways of organizing sexuality influence economic processes?


  • Lisa Duggan: Feeling Neoliberalism
  • Irene León: Resignification of Diversities in 21st Century Societal Changes
  • Ratna Kapur: Out of the Colonial Closet and Stuck Inside the Liberal Box
  • Desiree Lewis: Global Politics and Same-Sex in Southern Africa
  • Kevin Floyd: Neoliberalism and the Queer Persistence of Utopia
  • Anne McClintock: Skin Hunger: A Chronicle of Sex, Desire, and Money


Nikita Dhawan, Antke Engel, Christoph Holzhey, Volker Woltersdorff

The conference is a collaboration between Frankfurt Research Center for Postcolonial Studies (Goethe University Frankfurt), Institute for Queer Theory  (Hamburg/Berlin), ICI  Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry  and the  interdisciplinary research project ‘Cultures of Performativity’ (FU Berlin).

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Detailed Program