Gender Bites – Wild Tongues

platform for Queer_Pedagogy, Pedagogía Queer_Cuír, Queer_Pädagogik

Relaunch Thu 15 December, 2022, 4-5:30 pm (online)


Since March 2022 the website Gender Bites – Wild Tongues is online and offers reflections, explorations, and material of queer_pedagogy. What exactly is meant by this term is kept open by using the underscore. However, in any case queer_pedagogy thrives to connect queer and decolonial perspectives.

For the platform we use the image of the forest of tongues as a metonym of queer pedagogies. The forest as a renewable resource can support a myriad of life forms, beings, languages, theories, and mediated practices. The forest, however, also oscillates between enforced cultivation, economic exploitation, untouched woodlands, and wildness. Made from a body part that is not binary gendered, yet very well erotic, a forest of tongues invites a sensory multiplicity of tastes and sounds as well as practices of licking, touching, kissing, swallowing, speaking, and singing.

Grafik: ein Gewimmel aus vielen farbigen, aufrecht stehenden Zungen. Überschrift-Text: Gender Bites: Wild Tongues

Grafik: N.B. Spiders

New in the revised version of the platform: statements adding to and questioning the manifesto; an essay on quaring theatre pedagogy, four videos re-presenting the performances of the workshop Gender Bites – Lenguas Salvajes (CDMX, Feb 2022); an actualization of a 1980ies feminist film about and by Yalaltecas indigenous women activists (contextualized and poetically commented); a reflection on the method of Dream Machine and Magic Closet.

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Gender Bites – Wild Tongues is an international, multi-lingual online platform inviting exchange on queer pedagogies, pedagogías queer_cuir and/or queer_pädagogik. Throughout the project we move between languages, as well as questioning or reworking these and other terms. Our focus is on how learning is transformed or becomes transformative through dissident practices, untamed desires and avoiding normalcies. In the face of power inequalities, domination, and violence, we are also concerned with unlearning, un_learning, and an orientation to what so far has been marginalized, or rejected as confusing, unintelligible or odd. This includes unlearning what’s established as or marginalized by queer_cuir.

The platform has first been published in March 2022 at FernUniversität Hagen as part of the FiLeh-Project „Gender Bites – Queere Pädagogik“ (Prof. Dr. Antke A. Engel, 2021).
Gender Bites – Wild Tongues is a collaboration project between:
Universidad Autónoma de México (Nina Hoechtl, Rían Lozano, Campus Expandido), Galería Metropolitana (Universidad Autonomía Metropolitana), INVASORIX (Liz Misterio, Unx Pardo), University of Sussex, Brighton (Darcy Leigh, Social Science Foundation Year Coordinator); FernUniversität Hagen (Antke A. Engel, Naomi Alexis, FILeh; Sarah Oberkrome, Maria-Luisa Barbarino, Gleichstellung). Project coordination Mexico: Nina Hoechtl.

Plattform designed by N.B. Spiders with contributions by Maria Fernanda Acosta, Aulic Anamika, Andrés Felipe Ardila, Anette Baldauf, Denise Bergold Caldwell, Erika Bulle, Nelly César, Colectivo Cine Mujer, Berhanu Ashagrie Deribew, Jacinta Egaña, Antke A. Engel and Filmfetch (Tali Tiller; Magda Wystub), Sílvia das Fadas, Ruben Gaztambide-Fernandez, Andrea Geyer, Elizabeth Giorgis, Masha Godovannaya, Vanesa González, Teresa González Molina, Frauke Grenz, İpek Hamzaoğlu, Jutta Hartmann, Nina Hoechtl, Ruthia Jenrbekova, Janine Jembere, Katha K., Florian Cristóbal Klenk, Javier León Cuevas, Francisco Lerios, Darcy Leigh, Dikla Levinger, Ulla M. Lücke, Nanna Lüth, Benjamín Martínez, Viviana Martínez, Astrid Messerschmidt, Mika, Natalia Millán, Liz Misterio, MPA, Masha Neufeld, Daniel Ortero, Unx Pardo, Marusia Pola, Anna T., Lilian Andrea Reinosa, Naomi Rincón Gallardo, Sabine Rohlf, Babak Salimizadeh, Ariadna Solis, Rojda Tuğrul, Yunitza Vásquez Vásquez, Maximilian Waldmann, Katharina Wiedlack, Tania Zabolotnaya, Samiera Zafar, Fernanda Zendejas.


Antke Antek Engel held a guest professorship for Gender and Queer Studies at FernUniversität Hagen from October 2019 to March 2022.