queer arts and theories

– an international research colloquium

This postgrad and research colloquium brings together participants working in academic, artistic, literary, or journalistic genres. Experimenting with formats that challenge the distinction between those genres is part of our program. Queer, queerness and queering are explored in their interplay, considering their aesthetic and political potential as well as their mundane immediacy.

Taking individual projects as starting point, the colloquium provides an arena for common discussion, exchange, for mutual feedback and inspiration. Controversies are meant to spark our curiosity, sanguinely convinced that tension may turn into understanding and support.   

Anna T. (textual artist, lecturer, και θεωρητικιά, author of Opacity – Minority – Improvisation)
Babak Salimizadeh (writer, poet and translator, who works on queer theory, literature, aesthetics and politics)
Christina Kkona (philosopher who works on ‘The Unexpected: a politics and aesthetics of discontinuity‘)
Cristina Veiga Judar (writer and journalist , curator and editor who works on lgbti and trans poletics and poetics)
Ipek Sahinler (researcher and doctoral student who works on queer(ing) narratives from Turkish and Hispanic literatures )
Saboura M. Naqshband (researcher and doctoral student who works on (anti-Muslim) racism, Muslim feminism and religion, gender and sexuality)
Antke Antek Engel (philosopher who works on the politics of desire)

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Since October 2020, meeting online every 4-6 weeks. Right at the moment the group is closed, but please feel free to contact us, if you got interested.