Queering Audibility

Open Rehearsal, DE / EN / DGS (with sign language interpretation)

Thu 11 April, 2024, 8 pm Lettrétage e. V., Veteranenstraße 21, Berlin-Mitte

Entrance fee: € 15 / € 5 (self-account)

On the basis of two video works a collaboration develops between deaf performance artist Eyk Kauly and the hearing sound artists HYENAZ (Kate Fischer and Adrienne Teicher). Together they explore through sound, signs, and performance how conditions of audibility can be challenged. In this open rehearsal, the audience is invited to engage with the following questions: How does embodied performance and sign language inspire the creation of soundscapes? How does sound translate – with the help of sign language interpreters – into bodily experiences? Can sounding performance and performing sound help (re)imagine the perceived binary of Deaf and hearing, or other binaries? How are those bound to hearing, being heard and what does queering mean in the context of this audibility?

Video Still, schwarzer Hintergrund, dunkel-rosa Schrift, die lautet: "words desire to be sliced, diced, stacked togther". Die drei Zeilen Schrift sind in der Mitte durch einen neon-pinken senkrechten Pinselstrich durchtennt.

Video Still, Signals (HYENAZ 2021), courtesy of the artists




Portrait-Foto des Tauben Performance-Künstlers Eyk Kauly. Blick zur linken Seite, links lockiges Langhaar, rechts Kurzhaar, Vollbart und Schnurrbart, Silberohrring.

Foto: Eyk Kauly, private






Initiated by Antkek Engel, iQt Berlin http://www.queer-institut.de/

with support of Franziska Winkler, Handverlesen https://poesiehandverlesen.de/

Concept and Performance:

Adrienne Teicher and Kathryn Fischer, HYENAZ https://www.hyenaz.com/

Eyk Kauly, https://www.Facebook.com/EykKauly

Funded by Aktion Mensch und iQt

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Mandy Wystorek, IS videos of the article “Sprachwandel in Tauben queeren Communities in Deutschland” (Language Change in Deaf Queer Communities in Germany) by Martin*a Vahemäe-Zierold and Maria Kopf

both in InterAlia: Journal of Queer Studies 18-2023, ed. by Antke A. Engel und Anna T..