Queer Time. An Image Workshop

26. Januar 2013, Berlin. A notion such as “queer time” can include the experiences of aging, of life expectations, illness, youth, or coherence and incongruity, which clash with conventional meanings. “Queer time” stands for a rejection or even the impossibility of having conventional linear life stories of childhood, growing up, becoming an adult, completing education, founding a family, having a pension, dying. In the workshop we want to inquire this notion of “queer time” and ask in particular how it is dealt with in artistic practices. How is “queer time” addressed in for example photography, in historical paintings, in video installation? Are there specific ways how “queer time” and “queer space” come together and/or clash? Do we have to discuss the questions of space and time as interwoven and inseparably tied in with queer identity? Do we want to call this encounter “queer context”? Context, historically meaning something that is joined together, or woven into another thing, can allow us to think about queer identity beyond how it is usually often understood, as based on desire. Instead it is strongly shaped by social space, objects, people as well as the experience of time.

Vorbereitet von wibke straube und simon vincent,
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