Queering Audibility

11 April, 2024, 8 pm, Lettrétage, Berlin-Mitte (DE / EN / DGS / with sign language interpretation). Hearing and Deaf performance art exploring their encounter A a collaboration develops between deaf performance artist Eyk Kauly and the hearing sound artists HYENAZ (Kate Fischer and Adrienne Teicher). Together they explore through sound, signs, and performance how conditions of audibility can be challenged.

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The Multilingual Issue

Release early 2024: The Multilingual Issue of InterAlia. Journal of Queer Studies, edited by Anna T. and Antke A. Engel. Some of the questions asked are: Which languages, dialects, registers, or codes are used to communicate issues related to pleasures, desires, and belonging? What does it mean when one’s first language is shadowed by another acquired later on? What is the impact on the person and their communities? How does language affect your sense of identity and belonging and what is the role of visibilities and opacities in that?

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