Queering Visual Culture

Research group (alternating cities), since 2007

The group critically engages with regimes of visibility and cultural representations that reproduce and “secure” normative heterosexuality and the rigid binary order of gender. Beyond this critical approach, the group shares a strong interest in cultural and artistic production and queer visual activism that supports the “invention” of new images/imagery and reworks the dominant archive as well as the norms, habits, and technologies of visual representation. What is a “queer image”? How does it subvert sexual norms and hierarchies? Does the visual/visualization play a unique role in challenging normative sex/gender regimes? How important is visual culture as a mode of social transformation? What is political about queer visual culture?

2007 (January): 1-day workshop in the context of the exhibition Normal Love – precarious sex, precarious work (Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, curated by Renate Lorenz)

2007 (May): 1-day workshop “Queer visual cultures” (Hamburg), including a talk by Jo Bucher

2008 (January): 1/2-day workshop following the conference “Mehr(wert) queer / Queer added value” (Art University Linz, organized by Barbara Paul and Johanna Schaffer)

2008 (December): 2-days workshop “Working on Queer Visual Culture” (Lohmühle Berlin), organized by Renate Lorenz and Wibke Straube, including inputs by all participants

2010 (September): 1-day workshop “Visual Desires. Queer perspectives in art, visual culture and media studies” (Werkstatt Adalbertstraße, Berlin), organized by Jess Dorrance and Antke Engel, with inputs by Kerstin Brandes, Mathias Danbolt, Jess Dorrance, Antke Engel, Katrin Köppert, João Manuel de Oliveira, and Andrea Thal

2012 (April/May): 2 evenings on the questions: “How do images become queer? What’s queering context?” (Institut für Queer Theory, Berlin), organized and with an input by markues

2013 (January): 1-day workshop “Queer Time” (Institut für Queer Theory, Berlin), organized by Wibke Straube and Simon Vincent, with inputs by chris campe, antke engel, aslög enochsson, lena rosa haendle, katrin köppert, resa-phillip lunau, juli saragosa, eliza steinbock, wibke straube, andrea thal und simon vincent > more