Bossing Images meets The Little Book of Big Visions

Double book release

– live Action, Spoken Word & Visual Art

With Philipp Khabo Koepsell, Philip Metz, Sandra Ortmann, Sandrine Micossé-Aikins,  Sharon Dodua Otoo, Renate Lorenz, Simon Vincent, Antke Engel and others

January 18, 2013, 9pm, Südblock, Berlin-Kreuzberg

After Party with lisalotta.p (HipHop, Pop, Queerbeet) & diva banni (jumpin’jumpin’)

A cooperation between the Institute for Queer Theory, Sharon Dodua Otoo and Sandrine Micossé-Aikins, who edited The Little Book of Big Visions), Südblock and NGBK.

Yes, they are out! …

IMAGES. Macht der Bilder, queere Kunst und Politik / The power of images, queer art and politics, Berlin (NGBK, Red. Jess Dorrance, Antke Engel) 2012

bossing_book     littlebookbigvisions

THE LITTLE BOOK OF BIG VISIONS. How to be an Artist and Revolutionize the World, hrsg.: Sandrine Micossé-Aikins / Sharon Dodua Otoo, Berlin (edition assemblage) 2012

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