Finally! Queer Theory Videos


Video introductions to Queer Theory

– three videos (A. Engel und Filmfetch, FernUni Hagen 2021)


We’re excited to celebrate with you in person the release of our three experimental films on queer theory: KÖRPER (20:16 min), FIGURATIONEN (13:16 min), WELTEN (16:00 min).

Films in German with German UT and on an additional screen with English subtitles.
Si preciso, subtítulos español en un monitor adicional.

After the screening Q&A with DGS (German Sign Language).

November 28, 2021, 5-8pm, Villa Neukölln, Berlin, Herrmannstr. 234 (U8 – Boddinstraße)
2 G (vaccinated or recovered) + a rapid test of the day.
Villa Neukölln is wheelchair accessible.
Come wearing colourful or creatively decorated masks!

The three short videos present Queer Theory as an intersectional critique of domination. In artistic and experimental formats they propose new ways of understanding difference. They draw attention to entanglements of power and desire. They visualize figures of thought. Under the titles BODIES, FIGURATIONS, and WORLDS the videos provide insights into various topics: Gender socialization. The power of language and images. Social and planetary inequality. Desire as movement. A bridge is forged between ‚doing gender,’ the critique of hetero- and homonormativity to ‚humus’ thinking of Technoscience. 


Flyer of the event: photo by Sascha Senicer, graphic design by Gabi Garland.


An event with filmmakers Antke A. Engel, Magda Wystub and Tali Tiller, performers Neo Hülcker, Saboura Naqshband, Pasquale Virginie Rotter and Jayrôme C. Robinet as well as Gabi Garland (graphic design), Kalliopi Kefala (costumes), Mia Dünkel (set assistance), HYENAZ Kate Fischer and Adrienne Teicher (sound design).

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Link to the videos on Youtube.

Link to the videos on the website of Distant Learning University Hagen.


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Choose between subtitles in German, English, and Spanish.

German Sign Language Interpretation (DGS) of the event is funded by LGBTI Inclusion Fonds Berlin:

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