Multilingually queer

Workshop 2

of the series Queer multilinguality and embodied speech

Queer multilinguality, or the ability to articulate queer_ness multilingually contains dimensions of embodied speech, of the poetic, of knowledge production, and resistance. ‘Multilingual’ does not primarily mean that different languages are present in a space, or that someone knows various languages, but instead points out that exchange and intertwinement of different languages provides possibilities of disrupting the violence of normalcy.

Exactly this is what Mariana Aboim, Rubia Salgado and Martin*a Vahamäe-Zierold together with Maria Kopf demonstrate through their contributions. In the workshop they will present how Fucking the Grammar, a poetic approach to understanding, and the nonbinary dimensions of sign language challenge dominant society.

We are looking forward to further our multilingually queer thoughts and visions in exchange with each other and the participants.

Monday May 8, 2023, 1-3 pm (CET).

Workshop shifting between DGS (German Sign Language, English, German, and Portuguese.
Hybrid event (Berlin-Neukölln and online). Please register:

Funded by Hannchen-Mehrzweck-Foundation and Aktion Mensch.

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