Queer Multilinguality and Embodied Speech

The workshop series “Queer Multilinguality and Embodied Speech” (2022/2023) provides the ground for a participatory, multilingual and international issue of the journal InterAlia. A Journal for Queer Studies. This issue is scheduled to appear at the end of 2023 under the title The Multilingual Issue: Untranslatability, linguistic multiplicity, embodied speech. Five thematic workshops will bring together contributors and those interested to explore and discover queer forms of speech and expression. The aim is to bring together poetic, artistic, and academic contributions that promote queer multilingualism in an experimental way. The workshops activate different first languages, gestures, signs, and facial expressions, queer slang and diverse Englisches. How can those be translated into journal contributions that express non-binary gender, queer ways of living, pleasure and desire?


Embodied speech (21 Dec., 2022)

Multilingually queer (8 May, 2023)

Membranic Translation (15 June, 2023)

Poetic Transitions (29 June, 2023)

Collective Editing (2 September & 22 October, 2023)

Funded by the Hannchen-Mehrzweck-Stiftung and Aktion Mensch

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