Poetic Transitions

Workshop 4

of the series Queer Multilinguality and Embodied Speech

29 June, 2023 5-8 pm, flinte Bar Wien

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Transitions are not linear processes, but complex, multi-layered textures in motion. In this workshop we are interested in poetic ways of creating sense from within the openings of those textures. How do they contribute to disqualifying the logics of binary and colonial reasoning? Are bodies transitioning poetically? And how do poetics turn the affective dimensions of language into tools of queer resistance? In looking for transitions rather than translations the focus is not on movements from here to there, or on causes and effects, but kaleidoscopic.

The workshop brings together the Chaka collective (Claudia Frikh-Khar, Nina Höchtl, Verena Melgarejo Weinandt), who collaboratively translated Gloria Anzaldúa’s classic Borderlands/La Frontera into German and who reflect on the queer dimensions of the translation process; Pêdra  Costa, a performance artist, who wrote the Butthole Manifesto and transferred it into a video, and Daniela Rodriguez A., a young scholar who has written on language homelessness and disidentification as survival, growing out of their experience as a Colombian refugee kid in Sweden.

Following the multilingual presentations participants of the workshop will form language specific groups (Spanish, Portuguese, English, German, …) for an in-depth exchange. From there we might, or might not, experience transitions forming into textures in motion.

welcome and intro round 17:00-17:30,
presentation #1 15′ eg Chaka Collective, 15′ discussion,
presentation #2 15′ eg Pêdra Costa, 15′ discussion,
presentation #3 15′ eg Daniela Rodríguez, 15′ discussion
then 60′ free conversation on all projects and themes raised

Looking forward to seeing you,
Antkek Engel and Anna T.

When: Thu 29  June, 2023, 5-8 pm

Where: flinte Queer-feminist Bar/Club Vienna
Lange Gasse 11, 1080 Wien

flinte Bar ist open after the workshop.

Please register: mail@queer-institut.de

Funded by Hannchen-Mehrzweck-Stiftung

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