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Alternative draft for german self-determination law

Ankündigungsflyer Aktion vor dem Bundestag 12.11.2023 "gender to each, according to their needs

On 12 November 2023, the SBSG group “Selbstbestimmung selbst gemacht” (“Self-determination done yourself”) published an alternative draft for a self-determination law at a rally on the square in front of the Bundestag.

This draft is characterised by the fact that self-determination with regard to gender affiliation is not formulated as the protection of minorities, but rather as equal rights for all people. At the same time, the egalitarian approach is specifically committed to anti-discrimination and compensation. Against any kind of gender coercion; convinced of the sexual maturity of all people.

The draft (in German), reworked version Jan 15, 2024, can be downloaded here > Selbstbestimmung 2.0 (pdf for download).
or as a short version (in German) > Kurzfassung (pdf for download)

events about the draft:
11.01.24 19:30 Ballhaus Ost
16.01.24 15:00 University of Vienna
25.01.24 20:00 Volksbühne, Roter Salon, Berlin
31.01.24 18:00 Charité, Berlin
31.01.24 19:30 Andersraum, Hannover
02.02.24 16:00 FU Berlin (Philosophie)

more infos or events on IG: @Buendnis.Selbstbestimmung

On April 12, the govenment draft of the SBSG (BeschlussempfehlungSBSG_10-04-2024) was passed by the Bundestag with a clear majority. There have been some important improvements compared to the previous version. However, the central points of criticism that the alternative draft (see above) is intended to address remain. Above all, the government draft still requires the approval of the Bundesrat – and in this respect, the recommendation has been made to reinstate the deleted paragraph on the transfer of data to federal and security authorities (Bundesrat_Beschlussempfehlung_05-2024). In addition, there is currently massive conservative and right-wing resistance to gender-affirmative healthcare, which is not part of the SBSG anyway (24_05_aerztetag-pubertaetsblocker).

It is therefore important to formulate criticism and organize resistance:

Queerokratia! 30.05. – 02.06.24 IN BERLIN

flyer queerokratia Konferenz für Selbstbestimmung. Verschwommene tanzende Person, hautfarben, rote Schuhe, fliederfarbender Hintergrund

Bündnis SBSG (Selbstbestimmung Selbst Gemacht) welcomes you:

The German “law on transsexuals” (TSG) is no more. However, the future for gender affirming Healthcare in Germany is currently unclear. “Gender ideology” is a hotspot of right-wing conspiracy theories. And the new Self-Determination Act (SBGG) is less progressive than many had hoped for.

That is why we are inviting you to “QUEEROKRATIA – Federal Conference for Self-Determination” in Berlin – a gathering for Queer and TIN*-POLITICS, involving professionalized activism, political associations and self-organized groups. The conference aims to craft concrete strategies, actions and new alliances. Beyond the current confines of political organization and action, we want to ask: What are progressive queer politics today – in concrete terms? What needs to happen urgently and when exactly will this happen? What roles should which actors play in this?

Are you organized in queer politics or do you know people who are? Queer self-determination means collective co-operation – “queerocracy”. Come and join us! We look forward to seeing you!

Registration and more information at
Or Instagram: @buendnis.selbstbestimmung