Time-Queering Against the Grain

Utopic Visions that Can’t be Stopped.
A fun-filled film program of shorts that is guaranteed to break your pocket watch!

Filmprogramm im Rahmen des Workshops „Die sexuellen Politiken der Utopie“; mit Arbeiten von Trevor Anderson, Mark Bradley, Karen Hines, Sara Jordeno and Maria Llopis.
Sonntag 17. Mai 2009, 20.00,
WirrWarr, Dieffenbachstr. 36 , 2. Hinterhof, Berlin-Kreuzberg

The Island
Trevor Anderson, 2009, Canada, video, color, 5:22 min.

In „The Island,“ Anderson takes seriously the suggestion he received in a „fan letter“: „You fucking faggots, you’re a disgrace to society. You should all be put on an island so you can give each other AIDS.“ Anderson’s imagined gay island is a fantasy of utopic proportions.

The Pool
Sara Jordenö, 2004, Sweden, 16mm, color with sound, 22 min.

At an outdoor pool where communists once destroyed a cathedral, a lesbian cruising site emerges. In the Southern California desert, residents live in a sonic war zone. An isolated researcher is cruising women from a safe distance, failing to see that this time someone is watching her …. „The Pool“ is a story about desire as it intersects with the rise and fall of political utopias.

My Name is Pochsy: An Industrial Film
Karen Hines, 2007, Canada, Super8mm, B&W, 7 min.

Pochsy works at Mercury Packers … where she packs mercury. Having missed some kind of mass evacuation, she is utterly alone on a ravaged industrial landscape. Ostensibly directed by Pochsy, starring Pochsy and shot by her on abandoned scraps of black-and-white super 8 film, „My Name is Pochsy“ is Pochsy’s message in a bottle to a forgetful world; a subversively comedic ode to a century of industrial film propaganda and a mindful attack on mindless progress. Poisoned, and poisonous, Pochsy is a spokesgirl for a human species on the brink.

Family Outing
Mark Bradley, 2001, Canada, 16mm, color, 5:30 min.

„Family Outing“ uses home movies and found footage to attempt to reconstruct Bradley’s life from fragmented memories. An autobiographical reflection on portents of future queer identity in scenes of fishing with Dad, piano lessons and weddings.

La Bestia
Girlswholikeporno (Águeda Bañón, María Llopis), 2005, Spain, video, color, 2:16 min.

Half-human, half-beast and wholly sexy, La Bestia creates her own utopic garden in this erotic short. Girlswholikeporno are neither lesbians, nor heterosexuals and definitely not bisexuals. They believe in the postporn feminist queer theory as their grandmothers believe in the Holy Father. They neither believe in femininity, nor in the conception of porn for women, as that label is associated with a porn full of the traditional values of femininity – in other words romantic music, gentle and smooth sex and heterosexuality. Multiplicity of desires cannot be categorized.

Curated by Jess Dorrance